The Saturday Evening Post, March 27, 1965 *GO GO MADNESS!!!*

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Features: Presidential campaigns are a sham - Dean Burch, G.O.P. National Committee Chairman; We Can't Let Them Down - Stewart Alsop discusses the Vietnam War; Discotheque - Go Go Madness strikes and the nation gyres in a frenzy of Swim, Surf and Frug - many colour photos; Vietnam - where do we go from here? - more and more Americans are dying - at the center of the chaos stands U.S. Ambassador Maxwell Davenport Taylor; A mirage of beautiful air - feature on Liz Renay; Anyone for Survival? - not so long ago, fallout shelters were the hot topic of discussion; A sentimental journey to Dracula's Hometown - Borgo Pass in the Romanian People's Republic; Lyndon Johnson's Religion - the President holds to a surprising faith, and it has an uncanny influence on him; Light-Heavyweight Boxing's World Champion Willie Pastrano - champion of nonviolence. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.