The Saturday Evening Post, July 17, 1965 *SEAN CONNERY COVER PHOTO*

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Features: Must we woo Red China? - by Arnold J. Toynbee; A time of trouble (Affairs of the State); Should Women give Men the Vote?; America's new big rich - despite high taxes, a small number of little-known men have made huge postwar fortunes - John D. MacArthur, Dr. Edwin Land, Howard Ahmanson, John Mecom, W. Clement Stone, Henry Crown - with photos; The Great wild-bee safari - bee-tree hunting; Last of the Divorce Rances - Donner Trail Ranch; Adak - "A woman behind Every Tree" - a return to the Aleutian/Alaskan Island manned by 80,000 Americans during World War II; Discovery that helps prevent miscarriages - 'Skin Patch'; The big (James) Bond bonanza - great photos of the 'Thunderball' shoot and more. Colour Chevrolet Truck 'Workpower' centerfold. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.