The Saturday Evening Post, February 23, 1963 *JACQUELINE KENNEDY FOX HUNTING IN VIRGINIA*

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Features: The case against federalized medicine by Dr. George M. Fister, head of the AMA; Twin Scandals - Dumping and Recruiting - the basketball mess - throwing games, payoffs; The Favoured Sport of Jacqueline - colour photos; "She's just one of the Fox Hunters; Why Women go Wig-Happy - wigs may become a standard beauty aid like jewelry, lipstick and contact lenses; The Danish Jews - how their countrymen saved them from the Nazis; The High-Flying Robert Six - Continental Airlines' president sees a new mass market for jet travel; The Ecumenical Council - a progress report. Colour 1963 Rambler car ad inside front cover. Nice colour Pepsi ad. Three nice colour pages of Ford car ads. Somewhat above-average wear. Unmarked.