The Saturday Evening Post, December 19, 1964 *THE CHILDREN OF AMERICA*

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Features: Parents will never amount to much! - Jamie and Suzy Kitman; The World of Play - Colour photos of city kids at play; The Extraordinary Amidon School - the three R's plus discipline and old-fashioned teachers; Dickens' A Christmas Carol - colour photos; The Remarkable Life of a Little Genius - Peter Winston; The Small-Fry Boom - Kids are Big Business; My Father was 'Uncle Wiggily' - four members of an extraordinary family produced most of the books read by generations of American children, but father was best loved for writing the 'Uncle Wiggily' stories, by Roger Garis; A Day in the Life of a Pediatrician - Laurence Gesner Pray of Fargo, North Dakota. Nice colour Pepsi ad with colour Coke ad with Santa Claus on back cover.