The Saturday Evening Post, March 2, 1963

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Features: England's place in the sun - Selwyn Lloyd; Birmingham, Alabama - a City in fear as racial violence smolders in this Deep South inderbox - with black and white photos; The new pulse of Australia - Jolly swagmen, kangaroos and tough outback cowboys are waltzing, like Matilda, toward a new destiny; Buck$ Benny Rides Again - the world's best-paid comedian, Jack Benny, still 39, returns to Broadway after a 32-year absence; Why I Didn't Quit the Ministry - by Norman Vincent Peale; Funny Side of the Bunny Business - a new Playboy Club whirls in a tangle of corn, beefs and cabbage; Dishrags to Riches - The Saga of Heloise Cruse; The Convict Volunteers - when scientists need human guinea pigs to submit to cancer shots or to test drugs, thousands of prisoners step forward, for surprising reasons; Atomic Bombs for Everyone - the exclusive 'nuclear club' may become crowded with new members including Egypt, Indonesia, the Congo. Absolutely *fantastic* colour full-page ad for 12 huge Cadillac models of varying colours.