The Saturday Evening Post, March 9, 1963 *LAWRENCE OF ARABIA*

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Features: The McNamara Monarchy - Hanson W. Baldwin argues that one-man rule in the Pentagon weakens our armed forces; The Revolt of Europe - Charles de Gaulle and others are challenging U.S. leadership over issues such as who will control atomic power; (Peter) O'Toole of Arabia - An unknown actor dons the cloak of a legendary hero and an epic is born - colour photos; "Lawrence" Inspires the Arab Look; Den Mother to the Clubwomen - Margaret Arnold is an angry feminist in hot pursuit of her cause; The Unsound and the Fury - pigeons, corn-rippers and orchids have one thing in commonk - all can provoke cold anger; The Return of Branch Rickey - the return of the Mahatma; Crime Town USA - Youngstown, Ohio has had 75 bombings, 11 killings in a decade, and no one seems to care. Address label clipped from front cover else unmarked with average wear. Colour Corvair Monza ad inside back cover. Please note: missing pages 39-40 and 49-50.