The Saturday Evening Post, December 14, 1963 *JFK IN MEMORIAM*

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Features: Hate knows no direction - by Ralph McGill; When the highest office changes hands - by Dwight D. Eisenhower; The new President - an interview with LBJ; The Assassin - in what dark, hidden corner of the mind grew Lee Oswald's mysterious compulsion to shoot a man he didn't even know? - large black and white photos of the Dallas motorcade; Death in Emergency Room No. One - Dr. Malcolm Perry was on duty; A Eulogy for JFK by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.; A profile in (Kennedy) family courage - outstanding two-page black and white photo of the JFK funeral procession; What's ahead for the G.O.P.; New Weapon against Muscular Dystrophy; Wacky Search for Gold - 8 galleons loaded with doubloons had gone aground on the reef, there had to be loot all over the bottom and these were the men to bring it up; The coach has all the problems - John McKay of U.S.C. describes the vexing trials he faces as a contemporary coach; The rich life of Milt Kamen - a comic copes with garbage, girls and gays. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.