The Saturday Evening Post, December 1, 1962 *BERLIN'S TUNNELS TO FREEDOM*

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Features: Why husbands die young, by Peg Bracken - they think it's sissy to admit they're sick - until too late; Our New Strategy - the alternatives to total war; "My Favorite Quotation" - provided by many famous people; Artist of the Third Eye - Marc Chagall; ; Now Ruthie Newton is in Step - she was found half-dead when she was an infant in India; Digging a Way to Freedom - the human story behind tunnel 29 from East to West Germany; Coaches on a Collision Course - Army's Paul Dietzel and Navy's Wayne Hardin drive their teams toward a showdown in Saturday's gridiron classic; Why I Quit Hunting - a hunter tells how the slaying of an antelope struck him with so deep a sorrow that he put away his guns forever; Stormy Sage of Weather Control - Dr. Irving Parkhurst Krick not only predicts rain, he makes it for his clients by seeding rain clouds from planes; Hollywood's new breed of Soft Young Men - Richard Beymer, Troy Donahue, George Hamilton, Mickey Callan, George Chakiris. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.