The Saturday Evening Post, September 30, 1961 *THE YOUNG MILLIONAIRES OF PHOENIX*

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Features: Speaking out - The South Will Change, by Ralph McGill; *GORGEOUS TWO-PAGE COLOUR AD FOR THE 1962 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL*; The New Millionaires of Phoenix - penniless and fiercely ambitious young men swarm into this sun-baked city with just one aim - money; HiJack - Robbery and Murder on the Alaska Highway (part 1 of 2); People on the way up - Harry Goldie, Space Shipwright - Joanie Sommers - Toothsome Thrush, Jack Zajac - Master Painter/Sculptor, Regina Vilutis - Bewitching Bacteriologist; Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) - Does it cause plane crashes, missile failures and communications blackouts?; What Mental Patients Teach Me - the superintendant of a metropolitan asylum, Dr. Eugene L. Sielke, tells of the surprising way in which the mentally ill help us all; Nice colour Cadillac centerfold ad; My Own Story - Casey Stengel; Elsa's (Lion) Cubs - Living Free, by Joy Adamson, author of Born Free - many colour photos; Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia - Cold War Middle Man. Centerfold holding by one staple. Average wear. A sound copy.