The Saturday Evening Post, December 9, 1961 *MY VIEWS ON BERLIN - DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER*

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Features: Baseball isn't our national sport, by George Preston Marshall; My views on Berlin - Dwight D. Eisenhower, long article with many photos; People on the Way Up - Beth Burt, Tom Meschery, Katia Saks, James McDivitt; Second-Chance Actress - how Anne Bancroft hit the glory road, with the aid of her psychiatrist; PT-109, The Adventure that made a President, Part 4 of 5; Ad for Honda's 'Fabulous 50'; When Strangers Tour the USA - here is what visiting Europeans think of us; My Life with what's left of Society - Cleveland Amory takes a close look at himself and America's upper crust; The Fight for Rule of Labor - this week's Miami Beach convention of the AFL-CIO will chart the future course of American unionism - photos of George Meany, Jimmy Hoffa and Walter Reuther. Great color Cadillac ad inside back cover. Average wear. A sound copy.