The Saturday Evening Post, December 30, 1961 *GALLUP POLL REVEALS ATTITUDES OF AMERICAN YOUTH*

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Features: Why are they Spoiling Florida? - Philip Wylie; Can Christians Unite? - by John A. O'Brien; The Berlin Crisis - Khrushchev's Strength - a report on life in the Soviet Union; People on the Way Up - Margaret Post, Knerr and Melin (founders of Wham-O), Janet Margolin, Pedro Sanjuan; Reprieve for Heart Victims - the mechanical resuscitator and other developments; Blackout on News - Burton W. Marvin describes lack of press freedom in Iran during his stay, 1960-61; The Wonderful Merry-Go-Round; Youth - The Cool Generation (long article with many great colour photos); Big Ego, Big Talent - Robert Horton, 'Wagon Train's' Flint McCullough. Above-average wear. Unmarked. Four middle pages loose but present. A worthy copy.