The Saturday Evening Post, September 23, 1961 *CONNIE FRANCIS FEATURE STORY*

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Features: The Crooks Get all the Breaks - Virgil W. Peterson; Can our children learn faster? - at the Whitby School in Connecticut, the Montessori method is used to teach the three Rs; People on the Way Up - Gigi Reynolds Carrier, Dick Gregory, Joy Tymezyszyn Jr., Jane Marilley; Abraham Kaplan on 'Are Psychiatrists and Clergymen enemies or allies?'; Connie Francis - what made her a star, and how does she survive the competition?; Casey Stengel; How Sotheby's venerable London auction house sets prices and tastes for highbrows; The Vanishing Hillbilly - the proud Ozark mounaineer is being modernized out of existence as TVs become more common than indoor plumbing. Great 2-page color Chevrolet Jobmaster Trucks ad. Nice Coke ad on back cover. Somewhat above-average external wear. A sound copy.