The Saturday Evening Post, March 11, 1961 *SATCHEL PAIGE TELLS HIS OWN STORY*

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Features: Surprising island of the Northern Sea - Iceland; The Flowers Known as Birds - the Bird of Paradise from South Africa; What Maestros Look like to me - Sol Nemkov tells his adventures in the concert world while playing for such temperamental geniuses as Toscanini and Stokowski; You can't live in New York - untold miseries plague those who set up housekeeping in Manhattan, says long-time resident Horace Sutton; My Next 60 Movies - James Stewart (conclusion); Maybe I'll Pitch Forever - Satchel Paige, the American League's first Negro pitcher; The Coyote - World's Champion People Taunter - some claim he is one of man's best friends. Above-average wear. Covers almost detached. Small clipping from ad on page 55 - text unaffected. 1/6 page photo of coyote clipped from page 42. Top 2/3 of page 81 clipped out - this seems to have removed part of a novel. Nice color Coke ad on back cover.