The Saturday Evening Post, December 17, 1960 *WHO FIRED THE FIRST SHOT? - UNTOLD STORY OF THE CIVIL WAR*

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Features: Chesapeake Bay's Delightful Eastern Shore; The Long Journey of Matthew Page - a distinguished Southern newspaperman tells of the staggering obstacles this young Negro overcame in his quest to become a doctor; The Untold Stories of the Civil War, I - Who Fired the First Shot?; Hockey's Masked Marvel - Jacques Plante, the goalie who introduced the protective face mask; My Mother Laurette - Dwight Taylor recalls his backstage childhood as the son of a famous actress who fell from stardom to the depths of alcoholism - and made an amazing comeback at the age of sixty; Jetport shutdown in Jersey - an aroused citizenry fights against an airport in New Jersey's Morris County. *Great* Coke Santa color ad on back cover. Somewhat above-average wear. Lower four inches of coverfold open. A worthy copy.