The Saturday Evening Post, May 5, 1962 *THE NEUTRON BOMB / BACKSTAGE WITH ANDY WILLIAMS*

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Features: Why I am Running for Congress - James A. Michener; What next for France? - de Gaulle, at 71, is a fragile bulwark between right-wing terrorists and a heavily Communist electorate is ; We live in Death Valley - Jean Bullard, wife of a park naturalist, tells what it is like to rear a family in the desert; The Spell of the Distant Drum - by Margaret Lawrence; People on the Way Up - Beverly Willis, David Vetter, Marie Bishop, John (Boog) Powell of the Baltimore Orioles; America's miraculous harvest - Orville L. Freeman tells of the advances which allow our farmers to produce more than we cna use, while the Communist nations fight off famine; The Neutron Bomb - William Laurence says it is simply a disturbing nightmare, both improbable and impracticable; Backstage with Andy Williams; Quarterback for the Moon Race - Harrison Storms, the uncanny boss of Project Apollo. Somewhat above-average wear. A sound copy.