The Saturday Evening Post, June 16, 1962 *MARLON BRANDO - MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY*

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Features: Let's keep the filibuster, by Hodding Carter; The Kremlin's Persecution of Jews - a firsthand report on the newest campaign inside Russia to stamp out an age-old religion and way of life; The Mutiny of Marlon Brando - how the petulant superstar broke the budget in a marathon remake of Mutiny on the Bounty; Famous people who don't remember me - a veteran Government official's amusing encounters with Winston Churchill and other celebrated figures; People on the way up - Seena Hamilton, discus champ Dave Weill, Nancy Schoonover, bus magnate George Sage; On Trial - Jimmy Hoffa and Adam Clayton Powell, part 2 of 3; How to get along with the Bees; Dinner with the Kennedys - what to expect when you receive Washington's most sought-after invitation, a bid to spend a gala evening at the White House; Radio's Pill Pusher - Carlton Fredericks, self-styled 'foremost nutritionist' has amassed a fortune endorsing vitamins and wonder foods. Average wear. A sound copy.