The Saturday Evening Post, March 31, 1962 *PHYLLIS DILLER / KENNEDY'S GRAND STRATEGY*

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Features: The case against fallout shelters, by Hanson W. Baldwin; Kennedy's Grand Strategy - how we can counter Russian aggression, yet avoid nuclear war; People on the way up - Barbara Dodd, Frederic Chapin, James Messler - the Star Farmer of America, Geraldine Pearson; Hell Creek Crossing - a story excerpted from the newest work of William Faulkner; Phyllis Diller - the unlikeliest star (funny!); Where are those dream cars? - a car that drives itself, uses no gas and runs without wheels is more than idle speculation (conclusion); Holidays at Sea - cruisemaster Mike Burke runs a profitable fleet of pleasure boats; Why do they call my husband crazy? - Jim Piersall's wife tells of her husband's illness - and recovery; Krishna Menon - the Wasp of New Delhi - India's left-leaning chief delegate to the UN - terrible-tempered, anti-American and prime planner of the Goa invasion. Front cover loose but present, otherwise average wear.