The Saturday Evening Post, August 25 - September 1, 1962 *ROBERT MITCHUM - HIS UNVARNISHED STORY / FRANK ROBINSON COMES OF AGE*

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Features: Nice color Pepsi ad on page 3; Merrily we Probe Along - Ralph Schoenstein talks about the analysis fad and a nation of psychic Peeping Toms; The World Needs the Truth about America - RFK proposes a plan to sell U.S. Ideals on an open market; Water-Hole Wonderland - man-made Lake Texoma; Hawaii's Hustling Shepherd - Rev. Abraham Akaka of Hawaii infuses new vigor into the Christian ministry; Don't Tell Me About Diets - Jockey Eric Guerin reveals the dieting truths he has learned during a 15-year struggle to avoid eating himself out of business; The Many Moods of Robert Mitchum - an exclusive account of the turbulent career and times of Hollywood's rugged nonconformist - many great black and white photos; Luxurious Mountaintop - the Burgenstock in Switzerland; Frank Robinson Comes of Age; Grand Tour for a College Combo - the Route 2 Tooters junket through Europe bartering their jazz music for a summer's fun. Average wear. A sound copy.