The Saturday Evening Post, June 30 - July 7, 1962 *BIRTH CONTROL PILLS / BEANBALL*

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Features: You Yanks are Hypocrites, by Prakash C. Jain; New Case-History facts on Birth Control Pills - nearly a million American women are now using oral contraceptives; My War with Sharks - a Navy frogman, armed only with a special gun and his own lungs, battles sharks at arm's-length range; Safeguarding our Atomic Secrets - Lewis Strauss points up the urgent need to maintain security in the nuclear age; People on the Way up - Delores (Dee) O'Hara, Theresa Howard Carter, Dick Ruedebusch; Landing on Easy Street - in 25 words or less - Deborah Schneider won $500/month for life for her blurb for Plymouth cars; My Old Army Carries On - Bernard Asbell, a World War II dogface inspects his old basic-training camp and discovers some changes; The Beanball - Myth or Menace? - 5 big-leaguers argue their views on baseballs biggest troublemaker; The Winds of Freedom - Dean Rusk writes on the ideas which inspired our Revolution and are still the world's most potent force; The Bouncy World of a Breezy Blonde - Brooke Bundy. Average wear. A sound copy.