Ikebana International, Issue No. 5, Fall 1959

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Features: Ikebana for Crown Prince Akihito's Nuptuals; Ikebana Study Tour - Founder brings tour to Japan - many black and white photos; Tour Impressions - by Ellen Gordon Allen, Tour Leader; 6th Mainichi Foreigner's Flower Arrangement Exhibit - Shirokiya's Tokyo Store, May 5-10; Shufonotomo Exhibit; Foreigner's Exhibit; Here and There; The Synchoreader - New avenue of communication capable of recording sounds on a magnetically sensitized paper and playing back on the same instrument any similarly recorded sheet - invented by Dr. Yasushi Hoshino of the Canon Camera Company; Flower Lesson in Syncho-Reader; The Tokyo Programs; For Your Notebook; Screen Painting - Zelta Silva writes about artist Hiroshi Terauchi; Stark Branches - they make good structural outline for Japanese Flower Arrangements; Notes from abroad; Chapter Chatter; Chapter Info; Takashimaya Diary. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.