Newsweek Magazine, October 29, 1945 *THE FLEET'S IN*

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Contents: Nice color Nash car ad inside front cover; Great color ad for Packard cars; Color ad for White trucks; Szilard and Oppenheimer scoff at plans to keep the atomic bomb secret; J. Edgar Hoover foresees biggest crime wave; Fascinating story about U.S./Arab political machinations re: support for a Jewish commonwealth in Palestine; Photo of Maryland man legally flogged for beating his wife; Money for Spies; Runaway inflation turns clock of Europe back to Barter Age - cigarette becomes medium of exchange in the large cities; Brass says yes, Braid says no in fight over merging services - navy prefers independence; Centerfold Buick auto ad; Death in the streets of Caracas; Spurtin production foreshadows hottest sales rivalry in history; Truman forgets he's President - has Capital newsmen in a dither; Excellent color Caterpillar Diesel ad - 'Mountain Moving Done Here'; Motorola radio ad. Average wear. Unmarked. Address label atop front cover. A sound copy.