Newsweek Magazine, October 1, 1945 *HIROHITO'S FRONT YARD - HOW LONG WILL THEY STAY?*

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Contents: Color Nash car ad inside front cover; Caterpillar Diesel ad; Color Mallory hat ad; Uneasy lies the nation under confused labor, price policies; Victims of muscular dystrophy; American Diplomacy loses face over occupation force bickering - Sharp retort by Acheson to MacArthur's 200,000 estimate exposes disunity to world (photo of MacArthur in front of Daibutsu/large Budha in Japan); Cleavage between Russian and Anglo-American viewpoints comes out in London Peace Talks; When Yank meets Russian - Korea under two flags; Photos of Germans and Japanese in their defeated lands; photo of the charred body of Joseph Goebbels; Stimson retiring, warns U.S. to keep military might in peace; Photo of Private Harold Atkinson, first of the Winnipeg Grenadiers returns home to Winnipeg (photo); Home builders see green light but fear Bowles price controls; Cyrus Eaton; Educators hope to make good Japs out of bad ones; Color Budd car ad; color DC-6 ad. Average wear. Unmarked. Address label atop front cover. A sound copy.