Newsweek Magazine, January 3, 1944 *BOMBS FOR HITLER - THE AIR WAR GOES ALL OUT*

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Contents: Command links finally forged for grand assault on the Reich - Eisenhower logical chief with Marshall staying at home - Alexander job a surprise; Cape Gloucester Prelude - a day in MacAurthur's Command; In Europe, it's British Stamina - in North Africa it's the heat and flies that most impress Americans; Leftist revolution in Bolivia threatens hemisphere solidarity; Move to drop the New Deal tag shows shift in political wind; First hundred years of co-ops take them into the big money - brings request for regulation from worried small business; Marmon-Herrington - heavy truck ad; What will happen to colonies? - caribbean offers one answer - Anglo-American experiment in joint regional cooperation points way to world policy. Above-average wear. Heavily water-stained. Cover held by one staple. Reading copy only.