Newsweek Magazine, November 5, 1945 *Red Army Man - His Yearnings Figure in Russia's Mysterious Moves*

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Features: Greatest Navy on Earth provides a pageant of power for Truman policy outline - with photo of commissioning of giant carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt; Photo of a million people in Central Park listening to the President; Zionists assail 'ambiguity and delay' on Palestine at a New York Rally - with photo and text; Detroit Mayoralty Race - Gerald L.K. Smith, Jeffries, William Z. Foster, Frankensteen; Red Army's odd ways in peace tilt course of Russian Diplomacy; Photos of tough market life in Warsaw, Poland; Japanese Zaibatsu to be abolished; President Achmed Sukarno of Indonesia; Outer Mongolia now 'independent'; Services war unity flies apart under shock of the atom bomb; Discrimination against blacks in Britain; photo of car down lakefront ravine in Scarborough, Ontario; Labor-Management parley to fix labor strife re: wage-hour questions; Meter, Yard or EII? - Swedish compromise would shift measurement unit to end conflict; and more. Average wear. Address label on front cover. Evidence of moisture exposure to last ten pages or so. A sound copy.