Maclean's Magazine, 20 March 1965

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Features: Fantastic two-panel fold-out colour photo ad for the 1965 Ford Galaxi 500 LTD; Year 1 of the LBJ Era - Canada's destiny, too, is hitched to this president hell-bent for greatness; Awesome colour full-page ad for the 1965 Buick Wildcat (Sports Coupe); How to be a Widow - if you are a wife, the probability is that you will outlive your husband; The Newfoundland - the ever-loving web-footed dog made in Canada; Our second chance at public housing - Toronto's Regent Park opened 15 years ago, but social stigma, shortsightedness and red tape all combined to dim this bright prospect; They can get Canada for you Wholesale - Toronto Promoters Terrance Howes and John Heaven; Hawks, Chicks and a Swinging Nest - it is now chic for girls all over the civilized world to come on skinny and to wear long hair and wispy little Mod dresses, and for boys to deck themselves out in a lot of buttons and leather - the chic-est is to manage somehow to look and act elegant and seedy at the same time - many photos; Robert Thomas Allen's sentimental journeys - #1 England; Gerald Stevens on Canadiana; and more. Coverfold almost entirely open. Covers just holding to contents. Small calculation atop front cover. A worthy copy.