Maclean's Magazine, January 2, 1965 *THE OUTSTANDING CANADIANS OF 1964*

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Features: Cover photo of the Queen inspecting her guards; The Outstanding Canadians of 1964 - Father Gregory Baum, Jean Beliveau, Paul Hellyer, Affleck, Desbarats, Dimakopoulos, Lebensold, Sise; The people of Lambeth Ontario protest against the cutting of their trees; What Canada does to the English (and vice versa); How Allan Baker made a million from your 50-cent lunch - the rise of his Versafoods Services Ltd.; The strange revival of our best bad poet - James McIntyre; The lingering cost of disaster - the crash of Air Canada flight 831 on 29 November, 1963; The death and rebirth of the Martyr's Capital - rebuilding Ste. Marie into a top attraction for a whole new breed of sophisticated tourists; What's British Television Got? Canadians, all over the place - Sydney Newman, Elaine Grand, Ted Kotcheff, Alvin Rakoff, Bernard Braden; Minorities who want anti-hate laws are a threat to everybody's freedom, by lawyer Glen How. Above-average wear.