Maclean's Magazine, February 6, 1965 *THE MANY WOES OF TV'S MOST EMBATTLED HOUR*

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Features: nice colour photo ad for the 1965 Beaumont inside front cover; Can we succeed in NATO without really trying?; How to survive in the CBC jungle - and other TV Tribal secrets - Percy Saltzman interviews Patrick Watson and Douglas Leiterman; Madman on the Bridge, by Kenneth Walker, MD; Churchman Reverend A.C. Forrest talks back to critic Pierre Berton, author of "The Comfortable Pew"; Toronto - Canada's high-rising, high-living, heady new sophistocate, by Ian Sclanders; When little Tommy Burns outslugged the biggest brutes in boxing - a Maclean's flashback to the stridently Canadian boxer who barnstormed around the world in 1908 - with photos; How Canada Lives - the winter Samaritan of Ile-aux-grues - Albert Vezina wrestles a freight-laden boat over Canada's toughest delivery route to keep a St. Lawrence island alive; Now we know why C.D. Howe had Churchill screaming 'sellout' regarding uranium in the second world war. Average wear. A sound copy.