Explorer's Journal, December 1979

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Features: Huautla Cave - San Augustin 1979 Expedition - it may be the world's deepest cave network; Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence; Becoming a Man - initiation rites among the Australian aborigines; Campfires in Ethiopia - Travel to the Sudan under a royal pass; New Zealand's Record Giant Ammonite; Lottun Cavern's Ancient Artifacts - they point to a pre-cataclysmic culture; The Yaguas of Salco, Peru - a brief sojourn in a primitive village; Cultural Sites in China - sites open to visitors; Waterfowl Migrations in North America - they follow four major flyways; Historical Exploration Oil Painting Found - it depicts Commodore Perry's Okinawa encampment. Moderate wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.