Explorer's Journal, March 1981

By: Multiple Contributors

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Features: The Right Whales of Patagonia - a diving and photographing expedition; Mount St. Helens Report - emergency measures taken to meet crisis; Rio Iglesia 1980 Expedition - the year of the Nitas; Vail Archeological Site Excavation - Maine site yields important finds; Guyana, Primeval Land - is it Doyle's "Lost World"; Search for Primitive Life Forms - Cyanidium caldarium may be missing link; The Mighty Roan - African antelope royalty; Japanese Monkey Performances - an ancient art revived; The Sumerian Paradise Puzzle Solved - alleged 'East" passage not on Deluge Tablet; Giant Ammonites Found in Turkey - Lytoceras in Jurassic formations. Moderate wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.