Air Combat Magazine - Great Combat Aircraft Special Issue - Fall 1979

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98 pages. Curtiss P-6 in the Netherlands East Indies; Night Fighter from Junkers - story of the deadly Ju 88 night fighters; Fighter Formations - history of fighter tactics; Not So Black Widow - P-61s in the Pacific; Messerschmitt Me 410A/Cross - beautifully restored German fighter in the RAF Museum; Fighter Night - Dangerous WWII mission in a Hurricane; Bristol Beaufighter - rare examples of a famous fighter; Bat Out'a Hell - history of the Douglas Skyray and Skynight; Deadly Long Nose - Famous Focke Wulf FW 190D and Ta 152 fighters; Farewell to the Ugly Duckling - the Fairey Gannet has made its last flight; Most-war Military Mitchells - Mitchells served in the USAF until the early 1960s; Norwegian Warriors - Norwegian pilots during WWII. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.