Maclean's Magazine, May 24, 1958 *JOHNNY LONGDEN'S OWN STORY*

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Features: Nice colour ad for the Parker 61 Capillary Pen inside front cover; Editorial - Let Courts, Not Customs Men, Decree Which Books to Ban; Nice Matinee cigarette colour photo ad; Colour ad for EMBA brands of mutation mink; Jockey Johnny Longden tells his own story - many great photos; Why the World Wants More of the Theatre du Nouveau Monde; Trade Secrets of the Combines Detectives - they seek out 'price-fixers'; How the Dutch sold Canada on Tulips, by Alan Phillips; Should you send your child to camp?; Pearl McLeod's old-fashioned kitchen in Penobsquis, New Brunswick; How to Plan for your Retirement; Dictaphone Time-Master colour centerfold ad loose but present. Somewhat above-average external wear. Unmarked.