The Fatherland - Fair Play for Germany and Austria-Hungary, February 3rd, 1915 - Cover Illustration of Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin

By: Viereck, George Sylvester: Editor

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16 pages. Features: The Significance of German Raids on England; Would Americans fight against England if forced to declare their indepence of England for a third time?; "Lese Majesty" - the plain facts; A (long) list of the nations/peoples Germany is presently fighting; The United States Needs No Apologist - a review of the American Administration's untenable position regarding the violation of neutrality laws in the interest of the Allies; Non-Political City Administration, by Frank Koester; Military Strategy and the Enemy's Industry, by Dr. Hugo Schweitzer; Professor A. De Lapradelle's misconception about the Fatherland; The Case of Ferne Rogers; Count Zepellin; Logic in History; Japan's Short Memory - a 1905 letter from Marshal Yamagato to Major Gen. von Meckel is contrasted with Japan's present fight against Germany; Supportive words for Germany and German-Americans from the Albany Times-Union; Freedom's New Champion - poem by James C. Hickey; London-Made News; Admiral Ingersoll Un-Neutral; Advertising Talks #4 - persuading advertisers to support this publication; The Great Conspiracy - a recent pamphlet by Alexander Szarski and Faust C. DeWalsh regarding the gigantic conspiracy to crush German influence throughout the world; Nice ad on back cover for F.S. Neydhart illustrations of 12 German Heroes; and more. Unmarked. Average wear. Covers loose but present. A worthy copy.