Maclean's Magazine, January 15, 1955 - Tony Leswick is the Biggest Pest in Hockey / Asia Tackles Birth Control

60 pages. Features: Nice colour Buick ad; Asia Tackles Birth Control; The Day the Atom Ran Wild - on December 12th, 1952 at Chalk River, Ontario the volcanic forces generated from nuclear fission burst through the controls devised by their human masters for the first time - major article with photos; A Card From the Countess - fiction by Ronald R. Smith; How They Captured the King of the Forgers - Whitey Benoit ran the biggest forged-cheque ring in Canada; What Makes Men Go To War, by Bertrand Russell; Little Tony Leswick - The Biggest Pest in Hockey - article with great photos; Jack Part's Million Dollar Medicine Show - he sells pills and potions to Canadians who are fat, tired, sweaty and nervous; Nice ad for 1955 Plymouth cars; 1955 Dodge Ad; Nice colour-photo back cover Coke ad shows lady and man chatting on floor with glasses of Coke; Coverfold mostly open and tender otherwise unmarked with average wear.