The Illustrated London News - August 26, 1961

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Features/Photos: A column of US troop reinforcements approaches Berlin; Berlin - Build up of tempers and armour as the west prepares to stand firm; German against German - Berlin cut in two as American troops arrive; A military amphibious load carrier - the new alvis Stalwart; Centrefold - 200,000 West Berliners assembled before the Schoneberg Town Hall in sympathy with Herr Willy Brandt; Huge sites discovered in Baluchistan - possible light on the Indus Valley civilization; Contemporary with Harappa - a huge new kulli culture site; the model engineering exhibition; Diet of an astronaut; The funeral of the Croydon schoolboys from Lanfranc Secondary Modern School killed in the Viking airliner crash in Norway; and more. Moderate wear. Unmarked. Sound copy.