Rod & Gun in Canada Magazine, June 1957 - Boat High with Hydrofoils!

Features: Boat High with Hyrofoils - article with great photos - "New Sea Wings Lift Boat, Motor and All Out of Water - Gives Smoother and Faster Riding"; What Kind of Boat do You Want to Buy?.. Now What Kind of Motor?; What's Ahead in Boating?; Photo illustrating why government-approved life preservers need by used; List of items required by government regulation to be taken on power driven pleasure boats; Should I Bother Painting? - add years of life to your boat; Nice photo ad for the Canadian Canoe Company of Peterborough, Ontario; Trout do come Big in July - Silver Springs Lodge, South River, Ontario; Do You Like Bugs?; Sedge Night in British Columbia, by H. Mortimer Batten of Kamloops, B.C.; How to Get Those Bass?; Two Ways to Hunt Woodchuck; Handmade Canadian Free Rifle Design; The Hungarian Vizsla - article with photo of "Elza Von Schloss Loosdorf" owned by Stephen Brunyanski of St. Catherines, Ontario; and more. Average wear. A sound copy.