Rungh Magazine, A South Asian Quarterly of Culture, Comment and Criticism, Volume 1, Number 1 & 2 - Premier Issue

38 pages. Premier issue of this publication. Features: Desh Pradesh - South Asian Culture in the Diaspora; Home as a Mythical Space - A Desh Pradesh Workshop; Beyond the Kala Pani - The Voices of Indo-Caribbean Women; "...There is a war against women" - Violence against women; Creating Solidarity - Race, Gender and Violence; Leather, Sex and Masala - An interview with Srinivas Krishna; Womanvoice, Womanvision - South Asian Women and Film - Excerpts from Desh Pradesh Workshops; Home is Where the Art is - Visual Art; Signifiers, Saris and Samosas - A (re)construction; Organizing Around AIDS/HIV in South Asian Communities - a Desh Pradesh Workshop; Trying tos Speak and Live - The Construction of South Asian Lesbian and Gay Identities - a Desh Pradesh Workshop; Market Tavern; Home - Waffling with Cunning in the Border Country - a conversation with Ramabai Espinet, Sherazad Jamal and Yasmin Ladha; Reclaiming Fabled Territory - a review of "Memory and Desire". Undated but appears to be circa 1993. Address labels on back cover, otherwise unmarked with average wear. A sound copy.