The Structurist - Toward an Ecological Ethos in Art and Architecture, No. 43/44, 2003/2004

152 pages. Features: A Manifesto for Earth; Return of the Plains Bison to the prairies and the return of honor; An ecological ethos in presocratic thinking - can we really learn anything new from the past?; The reflecting pool - place of the ten thousand things; Can universities promote an ecological ethos?; Archtiecture and the global ecological crisis - from Heidegger to Christopher Alexander; Art and the Big Picture; The Road past the selfish landscape; Philosophical urbanism and deconstruction in city-form - an environmental ethos for the twenty-first century; Biocentrism and the Bauhaus; An imaginary trialogue on abstract art - Kandinsky, Kupka, and Mondrian in conversation; For a dialogue on the future of abstract art; book reviews. Clean, bright and unmarked with very light wear. An excellent copy.