The Saturday Evening Post, August (Aug.) 15, 1959 - William Levant Alcorn Rebuilds Abandoned Haciendas

98 pages. Short Stories: Playboy's Choice; Men Should Be Married; Neighbors; The Fugitive Grandmothers. Articles: The Secrets of Long Life (1st of 3 articles) - results of a poll; His Business is in Ruins - William Levant Alcorn restores haciendas; Trainer of Winners - Horse Trainer Jimmy Jones; ; How I Stumbled Into the Movies - Robert Evans; Clams Can Be Wonderful - the secret of real New England chowder; Adventures of the Mind, #33 - World in Revolution. Serials: Set Up for Murder (conclusion); Mark of Treachery (part 6 of 8). Ads: International Trucks (inside front cover); Schlitz Beer; Newport cigarettes; Douglas DC-8; Stauffer Home Reducing Plan; Chesterfield cigarettes - missile engineer photos; Band-Aid; Instant Simoniz car wax; Dictaphone; AMF Pinspotters Inc.; Snider's Hotter Catsup; Dutch Boy House Paint; Lucky Strike ad on back cover features race horse. Above-average wear. Bit of writing on page 46. Some moisture-induced discoloration. A worthy vintage copy.