Marine Corps Gazette - Professional Magazine for United States Marines, December (Dec.) 1960, Number 12, Volume 44: - Looking Back at Chosin

68 pages. Features: Cover illustration of Marine Corps Base 29 Palms, with base photos inside front cover; Two-page photo ad for the Lockheed C-130 Hercules, featuring its airlift capacity; Polaris and the North Flank - major article on issues of the nuclear age; What You Can Do About Drill; The Military Mind - Myth & Fact - is a trained Marine officer a threat to democracy?; Photo ad for the Sikorsky S-58; Inspection - index to readiness; Looking Back Chosin; This is My Rifle; Fleet Marine Force, Pacific - Readiness and Programs to Improve Readiness; The Marine Reserve; The Salty Skipper; The Squad and the M-14; Wake Island Memorial; MARTCOM Report; Transfers and Promotions; FMF - first squad area weapon; Back cover photo ad for the Kaman Huskie VMO helicopter; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy.