Marine Corps Gazette - Professional Magazine for United States Marines, December (Dec.) 1961, Number 12, Volume 45: - Louie Cukela

64 pages. Features: Vertol ad inside front cover features photo of HC-1B Chinook in flight; Sensational one-page photo Jeep ad features the M-170 front line ambulance, M-274 Mechanical Mule, and FC-170 12-passenger personnel carrier; Marine Corps Reserve; Permutations of War - WWIII is on, but its dominant form is economic and psychological; Interview with Major General John Frederick Charles Fuller; Missing Link - all-weather terminal guidance for helicopters; Louie Cukela - feature photo-illustrated article; I Remember Gallipoli - the memoirs of a British company officer who was there; Camouflage - a neglected art; Baseplate McGurk; Netherlands Marines; FMF 1965 - proposed organization and major equipment; Transfers and Promotions; Back cover photo ad for the Kaman HU2K-1 Seasprite helicopter performing search and rescue at night; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy.