Canadian Forces Sentinel, February 1968, Volume 4, Number 2

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Features: "The Military Profession - Lt. Gen. W.A.B. Anderson, Commander of Mobile Command; Biathalon Training; From North Star to Southern Cross - The Travels of a Yukon and its crew; Destroying a beached Second World War British Mine, lodged in driftwood on a Vancouver Island beach; Sea survival for Starfighter pilots; They were given a real bridge to blow up - 2 Field Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers brings down the old Hawkshaw Bridge, mid-way between Fredericton and Woodstock, N.B.; Shades of Alley Oop - a CH-113A Voyageur removes dinosaur bones from their ancient resting place; Classroom for the sea - Fleet School (Pacific) at Esquimalt (5 pages); The Buffalo Aircraft - Our newest tactical transport; Sea Sparrow surface-to-air missile systems. Sound copy.