The Great War - The Standard History of the All-Europe Conflict - Part 56, "The Silver Bullets", A Dramatic Story of World-wide Finance, September 11th,1915

By: Holland, A.W.

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24 pages. Cover portrait of the Right Hon. Arthur James Balfour, First Lord of the Admiralty. Article entitled "The 'Silver Bullets': A Dramatic Story of World Wide Finance", by A.W. Holland, is quite extensive and, in fact, makes up the entirety of the textual content in this issue. A summary of the article is provided and reads as follows: The Aftermath of an Era of Extravagence - How the Great War Found us Financially Unprepared - The Drain of British Gold to Germany - Great Britain on the Horns of a Dilemma - Neutrality or a Big War Indemnity to Germany - Fall of our National Credit - Government and the Crisis - How the Financial Panic was Stayed - The British Navy and Overseas Commerce - Developments in the American Exchange - The Bank of England and Foreign Bills - Russia's Heroic Course - Meeting the Cost of Armageddon: 3 million GBP/day - Looking to the Future - An Unprecedented Object Lesson in the Forgotten Virtue of Economy. Includes 56 photos and illustrations, most of which feature military subjects. The more financially-related photo subjects include: Lloyd George, Minister of Munitions, with Mr. J. Howard Whitehouse, M.P.; The King visiting a Birmingham munitions factory; Sir C.A. Parsons, Central Committee of Inventions Board; The Rt. Hon. Reginald McKenna, Chancellor of the Exchequer; Earl St. Aldwyn, Chairman of Committee of Advice on New Financial Issues; Dr. G.T. Beilby, Central Committee of Inventions Board; The Rt. Hon. Herbert Samuel, Postmaster-General; J.P. Morgan, head of the American financial firm acting as British war agents in the U.S. (who was wounded on 3 July, 1915); The late Lord Rothschild. Additional photos include: 'Canada's enthusiastic response to the call of the motherland', a wonderful full-page camera record of the scene at Victoria, British Columbia, as one of the troopships laden with volunteers for the front was about to leave the docks on its long voyage to Europe"; A full-page 5-photo montage illustrating Newfoundlanders to the front - some of the volunteers from Britain's oldest colony. Average wear. Unmarked. Centerfold loose but present. Top staple missing, otherwise a quality copy of this excellent issue.