Handwoven (Hand Woven) Magazine, January (Jan.) / February (Feb.) 2000 - Inspiration from History

104 pages. Features: Reading Drafts in Historical Texts; Linen Fingertip Towels from the Worst Book; Old and New - an old coverlet pattern in a new way; Evening Sky over the Mekong; Weaving in the Year 1000; A Map of the Weaving World in A.D. 1000; Adapting an Old Navajo Technique; Echoes of Peru; Inspired by Peru; Lampas Unraveled; A Shawl from Minus 1k or 1000 B.C.; A Shirt from the Americas circa Y1K; Finding the Contemporary in the Historic; An Heirloom Blanket from the Nineteeenth Century; The Bayeux Tapestry - An eleventh-century epic embroidery; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy.