Old West Magazine - Fall 1969

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Features: Fourth of July at Lodge Pole; Lost Frozen Blood - Garnets, like the beaver hat, eventually lost favour in the world of fashion, but for a while they were dear enough to pit man against man; Messenger to the Indians - William Averill Comstock; 'Yellow Kid' and the Wisdom Tooth - Josepth Weil; Neal Coldwell - Gallant Texas Ranger; There were all kinds of gunfighters - Bill Traynor; Our Country's Mysterious Monsters; The Old JJ Ranch - How it Began, How it was Run; Deadwood's Lady of Cards; Capture of the Horse Thieves; Experiences of a forty-niner during a third of a century in the gold fields - by Charles D. Ferguson (part 2) Average wear. Unmarked. Minor moisture exposure to upper portion of some pages. Sound copy.