The Wide World Magazine, October 1958 - Australian Edition: Vancouver Island Logging

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Features: According to the Law - Lieut.-Col. G.H. Keighley-Bell recalls his adventures with Kurds around 1919; Cut Out and Get Out - Tom H. Inkster recalls logging on Vancouver Island - photos; A Pint for the Man Who Breaks his Oar - fishermen at Aldeburgh, "The Wild Amphibious Race"; A Witch Doctor and the Bride - a Zulu Tale; The Sea Arab - a white man becomes a man of the sea in the tropical islands; Death to the Whites - Lolo St. Paul of the Shuswap Indians in British Columbia taught the law of the White man to the Indians, but to the pioneer-settlers he represented the law of the Redskin - excellent and little-known B.C. history with photos; Outcast of the Silent City - An Indian Adventure; I Lived in the Stone Age - studying aborigines of Australia; The Lost World of Jimmy Angel - a tale of gold, diamonds and Angel Falls, a mile-high waterfall in Venezuela; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. Binding beginning to open at bottom but everything still holding together.