Keyword: No. 12 - Prejudice Was the Toughest Fight for Joe Louis Dusty Anderson; Features: My Toughest Fight - Boxer Joe Louis tells what it means to have a black skin and be champion of the world - major article with many great photos; No Wonder They Dropped Dead - modern marksmen say the old bad men of the saloon wars could only hit opponents at point-blank range; He Keeps Broadway On Its Feet - Dr. Horace Worrell takes care of the feet of dancers; We Almost Lost the Air War - photo-illustrated revelations of the handicaps our airmen had to overcome to make daylight bombing a success; New Yorkers are Nuts; Insurgent Senator - Republican Wayne Morse confounds his Oregon constituents by voting like a New Deal Democrat; How to Live with a Pregnant Woman; Colorado's "Atom-Proof" Canyon - great photo-illustrated article on Dr. M. Doreal and the Brotherhood of the White Temple


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