Keyword: now converted to the production of tanks and heavy guns; Aerial photos of tank factory at Gien before and after R.A.F. raid; Air photos of U.S. attack on Abbeville Aerodrome; Aerial photos of devastating bomb damage to Mainz and Osnabruck; The Russian Achievement (article); Six informative illustrations on one page present 'The Best Field Gun in the Worls" - the British 25-Pounder; Five photos of the Army'snew six-pounder in action in the desert; Two photos of British forces in North Africa; Eleven fascinating photos illustrated "The Vigil of the Desert Patrol and the Qattara Depression - Problems of the Arid Region Which Lies South of El Alamein; Fantastic centerfold illustration of the Short "Sunderland" Flying Boat of the R.A.F. Coastal Command - skimming along the water; Seven illustrations of the extraordinary exploits of the "V.C. Submarine" H.M.S. "Torbay" during her Mediterranean cruise; Five photos of the Dieppe debacle - 'according to German propaganda photographs'; Page of great photos of the "Flying Fortress" and its guns; Photos of Egypt's Natural Defence Zone - The Qattara Depression; Photos of eleven personalities of the week include Leiut. J. Lowther


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